CKF - #16S - Foam Tray White, 1 pallet, 3000pcs

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  • CKF - #16S - Foam Tray White, 1 pallet, 3000pcs


The #16S CKF 11.75 x 7.5 x 0.75 White Foam Tray is a high-quality foam tray, ideal for displaying most supermarket items such as meats, fruits and vegetables whilst maintaining freshness. These trays are constructed out of a durable foam material designed to draw attention to your favorite products. - Minimum order 12 cases of 250 on a pallet due to shipping packaging issues with individual items - See related items for various sizes available.

CKF #16S 11.75 X 7.5 X 0.75 Foam Tray White 250 x 12, 3000pcs
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