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Prepared Food


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Prepared Food

Prepared Food Wholesale

Ready to cook prepared food is surely a blessing in disguise not only for households but for restaurants/cafes/and delis. Now source your prepared foods from leading wholesale restaurant distributor Ontario

Wholesale Appetizers Supplier

Served before a meal, appetizers can either make or break the overall dining experience. Serve up just the right freshly fried/baked appetizers to your guests with our appetizer selection including fries, onion rings, samosas, pakora (fritters) and more

Breakfast Items

Looking to serve quality hash browns and scrambled eggs to your guests? We have wide range of prepared frozen breakfast items to choose from

Caribbean Items

Caribbean styled prepared food items that are rich in flavor and have amazing textures including vegetable patty, chicken patty, beef spicy patty and more

Italian Food Items

Ideal for Italian restaurants, choose from large stocks of prepared Italian items including beef meatballs for your pasta servings, cheese ravioli to be served with garlic sauce or beef tortellini

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